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Ospreys players join volunteer army

Ospreys players Lloyd Ashley and Dewi Lake helping with food deliveries Credit: Gail Devine photo

Ospreys rugby players have joined Wales' volunteer army to help deliver food to elderly and vulnerable people in Bridgend county.

Lloyd Ashley and Dewi Lake were helping the Bridgend Association of Voluntary Organisations on one of their food delivery rounds.

The players are currently off duty following the suspension of the rugby season due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Lloyd, a second row with the region, said it was 'nice to see people with smiles on their faces' following the deliveries in Kenfig Hill.

When you do things for people around you, it does make you feel a lot better. You know you’re adding to their day. Some of the people you end up delivering for can’t get out because they’re so high risk, and they’ve got no one around to go and grab things. So it’s nice to see people with smiles on their faces and being happy with the little things you take them.

– Lloyd Ashley - Ospreys rugby player

Lloyd says 'a lot of of players' are giving up their time to help in the community during the crisis.

But despite the lockdown - and the uncertainty over when, or if, the rugby season will resume - he and his teammates are continuing to train.

Members of the Ospreys squad have been issued with GPS devices to record how far they run each day, as well as weights to help them stay in shape at home.

When my wife got sent home from work she was given a laptop. I was sent home with a little GPS unit to make sure I was running enough! We’re getting sent running sessions and having to do the best we can with the facilities we’ve got. At the end of the week everything gets totted up to make sure you covered the distance and have been running enough. The club have been very pro-active in supplying the players with weights for the house so you can still get some training done. Nobody knows how long it’s going to be ['till the season resumes.] It’s just trying to keep your head down, do your bit for the day, then see where you are tomorrow.

– Lloyd Ashley - Ospreys rugby player
The players visit the Talbot Community Centre in Kenfig Hill Credit: Gail Devine photo

Gail Devine, who works for the Bridgend Association of Voluntary Organisations, said the players had signed up to help on the group's website.

Gail said that the amount of volunteers who'd come forward from across the community was 'phenomenal.'

She added that the appearance of the Ospreys duo had given the other volunteers a 'morale boost.'

I think they were really keen to do something for the community. And as you can imagine, everyone working hard at the Talbot centre was really quite excited that they were coming to help! And it's a good morale boost that people from all walks of life are happy to come and help.

– Gail Devine - Bridgend Association of Voluntary Organisations

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