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Welsh schools urged to remain open during Easter break to help key workers 'in time of national need'

The Education Minister described teachers in Wales as ''national heroes'' Credit: PA

Teachers in Wales have been urged to keep schools open for NHS staff and carers during the Easter break.

Education Minister Kirsty Williams described staff as ''national heroes'' for meeting the challenge of keeping more than 700 schools open during the coronavirus epidemic.

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The children of key workers can continue to go to school even though many other pupils will be staying home due to the coronavirus lockdown.

''It takes a community to raise a child and that statement has never been more true,'' Kirsty Williams said.

''In this time of national need, our school community has stepped up and met the challenge.

''More than 700 schools have stayed open to look after the children of NHS staff, carers, people who are saving lives.

''I am now asking you to do more and keep schools open during what would have been school holidays.''

The Education Minister also confirmed children in receipt of free school meals will continue receive them during this period.

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