Port Talbot singer turns front garden into stage for a lockdown concert

Coronavirus might have brought concerts to a grinding halt, but it hasn't stopped one musician from Port Talbot from performing.

Scott Morgan, 32, turned his front garden into a stage on Friday so his neighbours could enjoy live music from the comfort of their own homes.

For 40 minutes, the professional singer and guitarist sang classics from The Beatles to Rihanna and was even joined by five-year-old son Felix.

Scott, a father-of-one, said: ''I just wanted to bring a little bit of positivity to the street.

''I haven't got much else on at the moment. I usually sing at weddings and other events, but that's all stopped for the time being so I thought I'd do a little gig outside.

''I suggested it to my wife and she thought it was a great idea. She sent a text to the neighbours and then they all stood in their doorways and watched.

''I had my little boy with me, Felix. He's the man in the sunglasses.

''It was brilliants weather for it and it was just nice to give everyone something to do.''

Scott's neighbours enjoyed it so much he might put on another gig next week.

''There's a real community spirit on the road and everyone knows everyone. It was nice to see everyone's faces,'' said Scott.

''At the end, all the neighours were shouting to each other from their doorways trying to have a conversation.

''We had cars driving past slowly so they could listen and an ambulance went passed and beeped.

"I've been asked to do it again next week, which I'd love to do. I'vehad neighbours putting requests in - everything from Abba to GeorgeEzra.''