Artist Nathan Wyburn thanks NHS workers with photo collage tribute

Welsh artist Nathan Wyburn has paid tribute to the NHS with a new piece of artwork made up of hundreds of photographs of health workers.

The 30-year-old from Ebbw Vale shared an appeal on social media asking NHS workers to send him their photographs, and received more than 200.

He then brought all the pictures together to create an image of a nurse wearing a protective mask, with the words "thank you".

Nathan told ITV Wales: "The messages and social media shares I’ve been having is very overwhelming, but it really does go to show the respect out there for our NHS heroes.

"Most of my close friends work in the NHS and are out on the front line every day - I’m always in awe.

"The art took about 4 hours to complete and my plan is to display it somewhere prominent for staff to see the thank you, not just from me, but the nation."

Nathan has created a number of light hearted portraits of well known faces over the years, including Simon Cowell made out of toast and marmite, and rapper Eminem made out of spaghetti.

But he said the coronavirus crisis had prompted him to create something more serious as a way of thanking the health service for the work that they do.

"I’m used to using fun and light hearted media in my work, such as marmite on toast, spaghetti and even painting with my feet, but this had to be more serious. I knew I had to do something to mark this #Covid_19 era, but I never expected such a wonderful response."