Ellen DeGeneres wants to visit Wales after the lockdown to see the Llandudno goats

Ellen DeGeneres says the first place she will visit after the coronavirus lockdown is Llandudno, after seeing a viral video of mountain goats roaming the streets of the town.

The US comedian and talk show host retweeted a video shared by ITV Wales showing the goats causing mischief, chewing plants and hedges and running into the roads.

The animal lover wrote: "This is the first place I’m visiting after this."

The herd of Kashmiri goats normally spend their time living on the heights of the Great Orme.

It is thought they came into the town while waiting for the spring growth of grass, and have been wandering the streets because they have been so quiet during the coronavirus lockdown.

The goats usually spend their time on the Great Orme Credit: PA

Andrew Stuart, who has lived in Llandudno for almost 22 years, said: "You don’t normally see the goats this far down - they can come down and get to the bottom of the Great Orme and do so regularly - but I think people and cars usually stop them going much further.

"They appear to have come down because it’s windy - and because there’s no one else around, they take their chance and go further and further into the town.

"They still seem to be wary of people, so it must be the lack of people due to the lockdown that’s got them."

Police later issued a reminder that visiting the goats did not count as "essential travel" and was putting unnecessary strain on public services.