Llanelli man fined by police twice in 24 hours after breaching government guidelines amid lockdown

Police in Carmarthenshire have thanked those that are obeying government guidelines during the coronavirus lockdown after fined the same man twice in 24 hours.

It comes as police continue to crackdown on those that are not paying attention to the 'essential travel' restrictions.

The 22-year-old man was stopped by Dyfed-Powys Police officers twice in Carmarthenshire for being out of the house without a reasonable excuse.

Police were alerted to the individual when they received a call from a woman who tried to film three men in breach of COVID 19 rules.

The woman reported that they had stolen her phone and driven away.

Police have been given extra powers to stop vehicles Credit: PA

The car was later stopped by police, and the two occupants – a 22-year-old from Llanelli, and a 18-year-old from Carmarthen – were arrested on suspicion of theft.

They were also both issued with tickets for COVID-19 offences.