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5G coronavirus conspiracy theory a 'complete lie' says Health Minister

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Conspiracy theories that 5G is causing coronavirus are a 'complete lie', the Health Minister has said.

Mobile UK, the trade body which represents network providers, said key workers had been abused and infrastructure threatened as a result of the claims circulating on social media.

Vaughan Gethin urged the public to get their information from trusted sources to avoid increasing fear and anxiety.

It's a complete lie, 5G is not causing coronavirus and it's really important people get their information from trusted sources.

This is a difficult situation as it is. It makes it even more important we don't add to the fear and anxiety by spreading scare stories and conspiracy theories.

– Vaughan Gething, Health Secretary

Police and counter-terrorism authorities are investigating arson against mobile phone masts after a number of videos online showing them on fire.

At a Downing Street Press conference, a national medical director, Professor Steve Powis rubbished the claims as the ''worst kind of fake news''. Cabinet Secretary, Michael Gove, added, ''That's just nonsense, dangerous nonsense aswell.''

Last month, an independent watchdog confirmed there is no risk of harm to people from exposure to radio frequencies from mobile networks, including 5G. This echoes previous reassurances from the World Health Orgnaization.