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Neighbours come together to celebrate teenager's birthday in Prestatyn

It was Max's 17th birthday.

Neighbours got together to say happy birthday to a teenager who couldn't celebrate because of the lockdown.

Mark Spargo's mother, Terri Spargo Thompson organised for local saxophone player and accordion player to play their instruments on East Avenue, in Prestatyn.

She was thrilled to see all of her neighbours and people from other streets getting involved to wish her son a happy birthay.

It was a total surprise for him because he's a bit fed up being stuck in as he can't see his friends or his girlfriend. We stuck to the social distancing rules and everyone stayed behind their gates but I think it really cheered everyone up and lifted their spirits as we have a few elderly people living on the street. Some even said they didn't want to go back inside because they'd be lonely again.

– Terri Spargo Thompson

Terri said her son was a '' little embarrassed'' but was happy she has also collected food to donate to a food bank.

''He was a bit embarrassed but he's really laid back so he took it on the chin when he realised we'd also collected stuff for the food bank.''

She took inspiration from the Clap for Carers initiative, which saw millions across the UK show appreciation for NHS staff by clapping on their doorsteps.

''All the people we saw today are the people who also get involved for the NHS clap which is nice because we have a few nurses and a midwife living on the street," she said.