Sheep take over empty playground roundabout in Monmouthshire

The lockdown is keeping people millions of people indoors, but it hasn't stopped sheep from enjoying the outdoors.

A flock of sheep, which belong to Raglan Farm Park, were spotted playing in a deserted children's playground in Monmouthshire - even pushing each other on a roundabout.

They are usually kept away from the children's play area, but due to the park being closed, they have been allowed to roam free.

Owner of Raglan Farm Park, Gareth Williams, said he was ''shocked''.

Last week, a herd of goats became a viral sensation after they took over a seaside town deserted because of lockdown.

They were seen trotting out in front of traffic, running through thestreets at night, and nibbling at flowers in people's gardens in Llandudno.