People are sharing pictures of their DIY haircuts during coronavirus lockdown

As hairdressers, barbers and beauty salons remain closed during the coronavirus lockdown, many people are opting to cut and colour their own hair.

Some have taken the plunge to try a new look by shaving their heads completely - with many raising money for charity at the same time.

However, some have found that DIY hairdressing is more challenging than it looks.

Before, during, after: Jourdan attempted to give her partner James a trim. Credit: Jourdan Perry

One woman had planned to give her partner a "faded cut" but after two hours had to resort to a "skin-head" look.

"It was meant to be a faded cut but I reached the top and figured out after two hours and 100 YouTube videos that I couldn't do it" said Jourdan Perry.She added: "He appreciated my effort but was very grateful that he doesn't have to see anyone for a few weeks. "

Ben Jones from Barry has been experimenting with his hairstyles during the coronavirus lockdown. Credit: Ben Jones

Players, coaches and managers at Treorchy RFC have also decided to shave their hair off during this lockdown as part of a campaign to raise money for the NHS.

The club chairman joined in with players and shaved his head for the cause. Credit: Treorchy RFC

The club Chairman, Andrew Jones is just one of those who has taken part in the #stayhomebaldy campaign.

The club who have raised almost £8,000 say it's a big thank you to the NHS for their hard work during these tough times.

"We have used the hashtag #stayathomebaldy to support the message of staying home to save lives.

Each person who completes the task will nominate another couple of people.

We at Treorchy rugby invite everyone to join us on this campaign so we can raise as much money possible for the brave NHS workers."

The #stayathomebaldy campaign has raised almost £8,000. Credit: Treorchy RFC
Hairdresser Megan Jones says make sure you have a nice hat to hand in case you regret your DIY haircut. Credit: Megan Jones

Hairdresser Megan Jones gives her top tips on looking after your hair during the lockdown.

She advised people to avoid the DIY cuts and colours if possible as it can cause more damage in the long run.

  • Use root touch up sprays to cover grey roots or powders instead of colouring it

  • Use the time to get your hair in better condition so put treatments on when you can

  • Leave your hair dry naturally by plaiting it or just leave it down to dry

  • Try not to wash, dry, straighten or curl your hair every day

  • If shaving your hair don't go any lower than a grade 3 on the clippers

  • Make sure you have a nice hat incase you completely regret it