Identical twins follow in father's footsteps by joining the police

Identical twins Jack and Tom Herbert have joined the police nine weeks apart.

The brothers have wanted to become police officers since they were children. They were inspired by their father, Jason Herbert, who is a Chief Inspector with South Wales Police.

The 19-year-olds will be working at neighbouring forces, with Jack joining Dyfed-Powys Police and Tom enrolling at South Wales Police.

Jack said: “Tom and I have always been close and we have both wanted to join the police for some time.

“Dad has always been vocal about how much he enjoyed his policing career. I’m not sure how much was story and how much was truth, but I’m sure I will find out!

“I can see that policing has its good and bad points, but overall the camaraderie and sense of belonging was obviously strong. I can see that already in the short time I have been in.”

Jack and Tom with their father, CI Herbert. Credit: Dyfed Powys Police

The twins said they feel a certain level of pressure as they are among the youngest new recruits.

Tom said there is an added pressure considering his father is a Chief Inspector in the same force.

I’ve wanted to join the police ever since I can remember.

Tom Herbert

The brothers have training to complete before they start patrolling the streets but they said they cannot wait to get started.

Jack said: “I’m looking forward to getting out and making my first arrest – I can’t wait to go out on shift and start policing."

As twins, we have always done everything together up to now.

Jack Herbert

The pair hope to work together one day but they said working in different forces will give them an opportunity, "to be our own person but have the same interests and different friends.”

CI Herbert, who has spent 16 years with South Wales Police, said he was surprised when his sons decided to join the police.

“I was surprised, but hugely proud."

I still love policing as much as the day I joined and can’t wait to share their stories when they go out on the front line.

CI Herbert

CI Herbert said the piece of advice he would offer his sons is: “Always look after your team mates. When the chips are down, or times are tough, they are the ones who will help you out.”