Keen walker uses daily exercise to spell out giant 'stay home' message at local park

A keen walker has used his daily exercise at a local park to spell out a giant "Stay Home" message on his GPS tracker.

Father-of-three Mike Kohnstamm wrote out the 100ft high words on his tracker during his recommended daily exercise at his local park.

He posted the images on the Cardiff Ramblers social media account to encourage people to keep safe during the coronavirus lockdown.

Mike spelled out the giant 100ft letters by wandering across the parkland - then wrote: "Following the guidelines and taking short walks - GPS plots of my last two rambles."

Mike said: "It seemed like a good idea to remind people like me to put safety first.

"I love walking, the longer the better, and we regularly meet for good walks every week.

"But we just can't do that now. So I just wanted to make sure people stay walking around their local parks or fields."

Retired IT expert Mike spelled out the message at Heath Park in Cardiff within five minutes walk from his home.

The park is next to the giant University Hospital of Wales which is at the frontline of the battle against coronavirus.