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Welsh singer who lost work due to COVID-19 donates more than £1,000 to charities after online gigs

Credit: Bronwen Lewis

A singer-songwriter from Seven Sisters in south Wales has been raising money for charities after losing all her up and coming live work because of COVID-19.

Last year, Bronwen Lewis was on tour with singer Max Boyce.

Now, she has had to get creative to find a way to continue her passion and make a living.

Bronwen has come up with the idea of performing live virtually. She has started making ‘Live Gigs From My Living Room’ videos, which have each gained around 100,000 views.

She has set up a fundraising page so that people who watch her virtual gigs have the option to donate afterwards.

Bronwen said, "As venues, theatres and schools have closed, I am a self employed person with zero income or income support.

"If you enjoyed [my gig], and are able to, simply donate the price of a ‘virtual ticket’ to the gig hosted.

"You choose the price!"

Bronwen said she has raised enough money from donations to contribute some of her earnings to local foodbanks, the NHS and charities including Tŷ Hafan and Llys Nini.

The amount of money Bronwen Lewis donated to foodbanks and charities on Monday.

In a recent performance, Bronwen chose the Welsh folk song 'Calon Lân'. She said it is one of her favourites and she loves the fact that it was written in Swansea.

Bronwen said she misses gigging at schools and meeting amazing people at her concerts.

I really, really miss gigging.

– Bronwen Lewis

She said she is grateful to the online community who have been watching her concerts.

Bronwen's next live virtual gig will be on Saturday 11 April at 8pm.