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Poll reveals Welsh fears about death or serious illness from coronavirus

The poll shows that an overwhelming majority of people in Wales are either very or fairly concerned that someone close to them will become seriously ill or die from coronavirus.

An exclusive poll for ITV Wales has shown the full extent of Welsh people's fears about the coronavirus pandemic. 87% of the individuals polled are concerned that Covid-19 will touch them by bringing death or serious illness to someone they know.

The fear is shared by all age groups, with people worrying more about others than about themselves. The poll found that a lower percentage (72%) feared their own death or serious illness from Covid-19.

Those aged under 25 were far less likely to be worrying about themselves.

In the youngest age group, the majority (52%) said they were not concerned about personally dying or becoming seriously ill from coronavirus.
18-24 year olds not concerned about themselves getting seriously ill or dying from Covid-19.

Although the elderly and those with underlying health conditions are the most at risk, Covid-19 can become a serious or even fatal illness at any age.

Policymakers must hope that concern for others, if not for themselves, means that younger people will comply with the lockdown this Easter weekend.

  • YouGov polled 1,009 Welsh adults between 3-7 April 2020.
  • There will be a special edition of Wales This Week, revealing more of the poll's findings, at 7pm tonight.