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'Do not use' signs on outdoor gym torn down by park users ignoring lockdown rules

Park-users in Cardiff torn down "do not use" signs on an outdoor gym - ignoring the safety warnings so they could workout in the sunshine.

A PCSO talks to a man using park equipment. Credit: Wales News Service

Red-and-white warning tape was wrapped around exercise stations telling people not to use them because of coronavirus dangers.

But the tape was ripped at Roath Park and police had to be called to stop people using the equipment.

One woman was spotted taking her own resistance bands so she could use the equipment before being stopped by a PCSO.

Another man was spotted using the pull-up bars - ignoring the sign which read: "Owing to public health precautions this play area is closed."

Police tape was put up over the exercise stations at the weekend to get people to stop using them but it was torn down within a few hours.

It's just plain ignorance. It's pretty obvious that the equipment is not to be used.

Since the lockdown, those areas have just been like magnets for people - I've seen groups as big as ten meeting up for a workout.

It amazes me seeing how many people are still breaking the rules.

– Local resident

With gyms closed across the country many fitness lovers have taken to exercising outside during the lockdown.

But government advice says people can only go for a run or cycle on your own or with other members of your household.

Police at Roath Park have broken up groups working out together as well as people playing American Football and soccer.

Police vans and PCSOs have been regularly patrolling the popular park to ensure people are obeying lockdown.

Sunbathers and drinkers have also been ordered away as they enforce the rules.

North Wales Police said they found three men from the Wirral area camping near Wrexham, despite requests to stay at home over Easter.

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Barry Island was almost deserted as people observed social distancing guidelines and listened advice from the Welsh Government and emergency services to stay at home.

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