Poll shows support for tightening lockdown in Wales

After nearly three weeks of lockdown, an exclusive poll for ITV Wales has found that there's still strong public support for government measures to slow the spread of coronavirus. The police are preparing to deal with a defiant minority this Easter weekend, determined to enjoy the sunshine and ignore instructions to stay at home.

But the polling evidence suggests that it's a small minority -just 6%- who think the rules should be relaxed, dwarfed by the 53% who want the lockdown tightened. Nearly everyone else -38%- want the rules kept as they are. The Welsh Government has already said that's exactly what will happen, with an announcement expected of an extension by at least two more weeks.

Today the First Minister added that even if the rules stay the same, people should expect them to be more strictly enforced.

The restrictions have been in place now for nearly three weeks. I know our police forces are moving on from education and information to greater use of enforcement powers. I think that is right and proper. If people are not willing to abide by the rules, that almost all of us are abiding by, they can't expect that to be consequence free.


Unusually for an opinion poll, there were very few don't knows, with just 4% failing to express a view. That's a sign of how coronavirus and its social and economic consequences have come to dominate everyone's lives.

  • The ITV Cymru Wales poll had a sample of 1,008 Welsh adults and was carried out by YouGov from 3 to 7 April 2020.

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