Volunteers are delivering free fish and chips to Llanidloes' vulnerable residents to ensure they don't miss out on the Good Friday tradition of eating fish while isolating.

Llanidloes Covid-19 Support Volunteers handed out free meals to at least 300 people across the district.

Evans' Fish Bar offered to reopen and provide the food after weeks of closure due to strict measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

The volunteers are being co-ordinated by health and safety experts to ensure social distancing and other measures are in place.

The fish bar's owners said they wanted to do a "random act of kindness." Credit: Stephen Smout

Evans' Fish Bar's owners said they wanted to do a "random act of kindness to let people know they have not been forgotten."

Chris and Lorraine Evans said: "We needed assistance from the volunteer group and other organisations to nominate recipients to receive the lunch.

"We then needed the support of the volunteers to help with the deliveries, to make this happen and the response from Llanidloes Covid-19 volunteers to do deliveries has been overwhelming."

Those shielding who cannot access help from friends and family will receive a free weekly food box, according to the Welsh Government. Credit: Welsh Government

More than 80,000 people across Wales have been asked to undertake shielding measures because they are classed as extremely vulnerable to serious illness if they are exposed to the virus.

Everyone in this group has a particular, long-term, pre-existing health condition, which increases their risk to coronavirus.

Shielding measures included staying at home for 12 weeks.

The Welsh Government said people in this group who are not able to call on help from family members, friends or neighbours will receive support, including a free weekly food box.

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