Highest death toll recorded in Wales so far as 60 more people die from coronavirus

Wales has seen its highest death toll in a day so far as 60 more people are confirmed to have died from coronavirus.

Public Health Wales confirmed the figures on Wednesday afternoon, which brings the total to 463.

A further 272 have tested positive for the virus. 6,118 people have the virus in Wales, but Public Health Wales said the true number is likely to be higher.

Dr Giri Shankar, Incident Director for the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak response at Public Health Wales, said the fluctuation in numbers is 'due to be expected.''

He said, ''We are aware that the number of deaths reported today is regrettably much higher than yesterday, however it is worth noting that day-to-day fluctuations are to be expected.''

The UK is now in the fourth week of isolation under government guidelines.

Kirsty Williams AM said there are currently no plans to reopen schools

It comes as the education minister said there are "no plans" to reopen schools in Wales before the end of the summer term.

Asked if schools could open before the end of the summer term, Ms Williams said it would not be helpful to speculate, but said when they did restrictions including social distancing would most likely have to continue.

"It's quite clear to me that when schools reopen it won't be business as usual," she said.

"We maybe in the position of part of the school cohort going back.

"If we look at other countries in Europe it's just their youngest children.

"Some of those we'd usually see in our primary schools going back."

13,000 letters from Wales' Chief Medical Officer went to previous addresses of the intended recipients. Credit: PA

On Wednesday, the Welsh Government came under fire after thousands of letters warning people with underlying health conditions to stay at home during the coronavirus pandemic were sent to the wrong addresses.

Seventy five thousand people in Wales have been identified as being at "very high risk" of severe illness from Covid-19 and were advised to stay at home for 12 weeks.

But 13,000 letters, from Wales' Chief Medical Officer, Dr Frank Atherton, went to previous addresses of the intended recipients. The Welsh Government apologised and all the letters have been reissued.

Credit: PA

Recent studies suggest that anxiety peaked across the UK as a result of the lockdown.

Public Health Wales has launched a new campaign to try and support those that have seen their mental health affected negatively by COVID-19.

On the site, the public can find information offering practical support for people who may be affected and it also provides useful links to charities and support groups.

More information can be found on the Public Health Wales website here.