Farmer and son make NHS tribute using their sheep

A farmer in Powys has made a tribute to the NHS by managing to arrange his sheep into the letters.

Ian Rees and his oldest son Kenneth, who farm in Nantmel, Rhayader, posted a video on Facebook showing how they did it.

It shows Ian collecting grain feed from a hopper, we see him on a quad bike taking that to a field where his sheep are.

After laying out the food on the ground in the shape of the NHS logo - dozens of sheep come to eat it. In doing so, the sheep themselves become the NHS logo.

The end slide of the video simply says "NHS. Thank you from farmers".

"I did it as a small tribute to all the NHS stall who are paying the ultimate price for looking after their patients", Ian Rees said.

"We also did it for our neighbour's daughter, Jessie Pugh, who has just started at the Royal Glamorgan.

"My son, Ken, helped me who is a student at the university of South Wales doing graphic communications.

"I'm just glad it made people smile and everyone enjoyed it".

Every Thursday since the coronavirus pandemic began, people have been standing outside their doors at 8pm to 'Clap for Carers' and celebrate key workers helping to tackle the virus.

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