Entire street brings people together with social distancing dancing class

On a quiet street in Prestatyn, dozens of residents have been coming together to ensure that they are remaining physically and socially active during lockdown.

Neighbours on Brynllys have been coming together to spread some joy by taking part in a regular workout dance session every day.

It comes as the country approaches the four-week mark of isolation following the extension of the lockdown by the government.

The workout sessions are aimed at getting people 'up and out' in the morning

The sessions take place at 11am and are led by the organiser Elin Hughes-Jones, who told ITV News she wanted to provide people with an opportunity to get up for something in the mornings.

Elin said, "It has been really nice having a routine for the day and a bit of structure during the lockdown."

Residents have taken to wearing 'interesting' fancy dress costumes to the routines

The street has now started to the up their game during the workouts with different themes creeping in to the dance sessions, including a tribute to the 80's.

Even some of the pets in the street have been getting involve like Barney

Elin explained how the themes started, with a rainbow in support of the NHS kickstarting the new tradition.

"We started off with a rainbow theme for the NHS and everyone went to such lengths and obviously you have to use what is in the house because you can't be going off to the shops, it has been lovely".

There are other ways in which people across Wales are keeping fit during the lockdown as well, including 79-year-old Shirley Stone who has been sharing her home workout videos on social media.

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