NHS We Love You: Thanking the heroes saving lives on the frontline

People from across Wales have been showing their appreciation to NHS workers who have been protecting us during the coronavirus pandemic.

On Wednesday night, Tredegar Town Clock was lit up with a tribute to the NHS. The town in Blaenau Gwent was the birthplace of Welsh Labour politician Aneurin Bevan, who was responsible for establishing the NHS.

The clock tower was lit blue for one night only to avoid attracting crowds during the lockdown. Credit: RatioStudios

One Tredegar resident said, “Tredegar is where it all started, so proud to call this little town home.”

Grace Davies said she is thankful for her friend, Dr Rhiannon Hickinbottom, from Cardiff.

Grace said, "Rhiannon has been self isolating between night shifts on the coronavirus wards in London."

Grace Davies wanted to thank her friend Dr Rhiannon Hickinbottom. Credit: Rhiannon Hickinbottom

Rachel Baker wanted to thank her sister-in-law, Lydia Howells, who is a Welsh nurse living in Edinburgh. Lydia is working in the Covid ITU in the Royal Infirmary.

Rachel Baker has given a message of thanks to her sister-in-law. Credit: Rachel Baker
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Evan and Caoimhe Lewis have shared a message of thanks to everyone in the NHS.

A local rugby club in Cardiff said it wanted to, "show appreciation for the tireless dedication and spirit displayed by the staff of the NHS during these difficult times."

Clwb Rygbi Cymry Caerdydd has been raising money for food and toiletries for staff at University Hospital of Wales, the Royal Glamorgan and Royal Gwent.

NHS staff receiving pizza donations from a local rugby club. Credit: Clwb Rygbi Cymry Caerdydd

Abi Carter said she would like to pay tribute to Dr Chris Hingston, a consultant in the ICU at University Hospital of Wales, and to everyone at Wales Air Ambulance.

Artist Nathan Wyburn has created an "emotional" tribute to NHS staff using their photos.

He said, "I would just like to say an incredible thank you to everyone out there on the frontline working for the NHS, you're all superheroes."

Geraldine Oxenham, from Carmarthenshire, works as a radiographer at a cancer scanning unit in Hertfordshire. She wanted to thank her colleagues for their brilliant work.

Radiographers working at a cancer scanning unit. Credit: Geraldine Oxenham

Jessica Taki, a social worker from Cardiff, wanted to thank her mother and her friends who work for the NHS and in the care sector.

Jessica Taki said her mother Tina (pictured) is her hero. Credit: Jessica Taki

Jessica Taki added, "I would like to thank Rosh, an NHS paediatric ICU nurse, who works in an extremely difficult environment every day but remains so strong and collected throughout.

"I would also like to thank my best friend Minna Cliffe, who works at a nursing home in Cardiff. She has not stopped since she returned from her ski season and is under immense pressure but handling it like a trooper."

Minna Cliffe works at a nursing home in Cardiff. Credit: Minna Cliffe

Nursing home worker Minna Cliffe has also paid a tribute, to her friend Gemma Batten, from Cardiff. Gemma is a doctor working on a Covid ITU in a London hospital.

Dr Gemma Batten in her PPE at a hospital in London. Credit: Gemma Batten

Minna said, "I want to give a big shoutout to my friend Gemma. She's working so hard to keep everyone safe and has never once complained, only asked how I am doing! What a hero."

She has paid a further tribute to trainee nurse Rosie Bowler, who works at the University Hospital of Wales.

Rosie Bowler is a trainee nurse at the University Hospital of Wales. Credit: Rosie Bowler