Pensioner has £150 stolen from her home while she was clapping for the NHS

A 73-year-old woman has been left "physically sick" after someone stole cash from her as she took part in Clap for Carers.

Janet Crimmins, from Caerphilly, realised £150 cash had gone missing from her purse, and thinks it happened while she was outside her front door clapping for key workers and her back door was briefly unlocked. Miss Crimmins, who is considered vulnerable, said the money was meant for friends and neighbours who would kindly bring her supplies while she was unable to go out.

She said: "I normally keep my doors locked and don't normally keep so much cash, but I had £150 there in case I needed to pay for supplies.

"On Thursday evening a group of neighbours went to our front doors to clap for the key workers and I came in after around 20 minutes and locked my doors. My purse was still where I left it. In the morning I picked it up and noticed all the cash had gone. I put it down in a daze and picked it back up again. In our community we are very close-knit and you wouldn't expect this. I feel physically sick."

Despite her ordeal, Miss Crimmins praised kind people in the community for their "overwhelming support".

"The support has just been overwhelming. I have done a lot in my community and people are repaying that to me with kindness."