Swansea captain Matt Grimes on gardening, playing football with his dog and how he misses interaction with team mates

With multiple questions from fans about what will happen with the football season still being left unanswered, Swansea Captain Matt Grimes has spoken to ITV Wales about how he is keeping himself occupied during the lockdown, saying "we are all in this together and we need to stay united."

After Ryan Giggs spoke to ITV Wales last week about how his life changed during isolation, the former Exeter City star discussed how he is missing social interaction with others whilst also appealing for people to stay united during the current situation.

He spoke with ITV Wales Sports Report Beth Fisher, answering a number of questions about what happens next.

Matt Grimes signed for Swansea in 2015 as an England-u21 international

Grimes revealed that he had really missed having social interaction with people every day, something which he believes most people take for granted.

"You would usually be speaking to a number of people everday and to go from that to then living at home, the lack of social interaction is for me the most difficult thing," he said.

He did explain how the players at Swansea have been keeping in shape ahead of the restart of the season, whilst revealing a new found love of gardening with his girlfriend.

"When sport comes back I think it will be a good thing for everyone. There are some questions but I think that everyone needs to have the best opportunity," he said.

"All of the lads are getting training programmes through to make sure that we are staying fit and ticking over so that is good."

Matt Grimes said that the Championship season should be completed Credit: ITV Wales

He also spoke about how he has been trying to maintain his football skills by practising with his dog, saying: "I have been kicking the ball around with him which has been good but I haven't properly played in around 4 weeks now."

Matt Grimes said that the team have been given fitness programmes for the break

After Cardiff City captain Sol Bamba spoke earlier this month about the effect that the break can have on people mentally, the Swansea ace agreed that people can learn some lessons and re-assess their situations during the lockdown.

He also discussed how as a young player bursting on to the scene how social media can have a negative impact.

"My advice to any young player coming through would be just don't read anything online about you," he said.

"It can be dangerous and no amount of money will ever make you think I am above that.

"I think if you asked them 90% of footballers would trade their money to playing well and consistently every week."

The 4-cap England u-21 international also spoke about how he has been keeping busy other than staying fit, revealing he had taken up gardening with his girlfriend, as well as playing as himself on FIFA.

"I think it is just something that you get used to, playing as yourself on Playstation. We play online a lot so I create my pro and make him completely different to me, quick, skilful and a good dribbler so all the traits that I don't possess as a footballer.

"The girlfriend had been nagging me to do some gardening as well, during the season I don't really have the time for it but now I have been getting on to that with her."

After being officially named as captain at Swansea at the end of last season, the 24-year-old discussed how he doesn't feel a burden of being the main man, stating "I am very privileged".

"I am so proud and it is something my family is immensely proud of me for, it was tough getting used to the role but it is a privilege and a challenge that I am enjoying," he continued.

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