Flock of sheep visit empty McDonald's restaurant during lockdown

A flock of sheep have been spotted outside a McDonald's restaurant in Ebbw Vale during the lockdown.

The sheep were caught on camera crowding around the closed outlet on Saturday afternoon. It comes after a number of animals have been spotted taking advantage of the quiet streets.

Andrew Thomas, who shared his picture on social media, joked: "Even the sheep in Ebbw Vale are having McDonald's withdrawals."

"There are aways sheep wandering the streets of Ebbw Vale where they come down off common but never seen them in McDonald's before.

"I was leaving Aldi next door after doing some shopping for my mother who is on isolation and stopped on the way out to take the picture."

Similar scenes have been caught on camera across the country including the flock of sheep spotted playing in a deserted children's playground in Monmouthshire.

The sheep are usually kept away from the children's play area, but due to the park being closed, they have been allowed to roam free.

The owner of the flock at Raglan Farm Park, Gareth Williams, said he was ''shocked''.

"I was quite shocked when I saw them on the roundabout, we don't usually have them down here so it was quite amazing to see."

The goats usually spend their time on the Great Orme. Credit: Andrew Stuart

Wild goats have also been seen by local residents roaming the streets of Llandudno.

The mountain goats, which normally spend their time on the Great Orme, have been trotting out in front of cars, running through the streets at night and eating flowers in people's gardens.

It's thought they have been wandering the streets because they have been so quiet during the coronavirus lockdown.

US comedian, Ellen DeGeneres, says the first place she will visit after the coronavirus lockdown is Llandudno, after seeing a viral video of mountain goats roaming the streets of the town.