Lifeboat volunteers warn people ignoring lockdown are causing 'massive pressure'

A leading member of the crew at Barry Life Boat Station has expressed his disappointment that some people are not adhering to government guidelines to stay at home during the coronavirus lockdown.

It comes after crews were called out to a couple who had been cut off by the tide on Sully Island at the weekend, the fourth time since the pandemic started.

Police were also called to the incident, as well as a paramedic.

The two people involved are understood to be residents of Cardiff who were supposedly camping on the island.

From our point of view people are not adhering to the guidance relating to the lockdown, it is putting the station and volunteers under massive pressure.

Martin Bowmer, Coxswain Barry Boat Life Station

Coxswain of the station, Martin Bowmer, said: "It is something that really shouldn't be taking place, the service isn't about taking people ashore from an island because they have not adhered to the guidance, it is stupidity.

"We want people to think about it more, a lot of people here are volunteers and are putting themselves at unnecessary risk."

RNLI revealed they had been called to four incidents on the island since the pandemic started.

We always meet any calls that we have professionally but we can't help but feel that we are being asked to a high number of shouts that should not be taking place.

Martin Bowmer, Coxswain
Martin Bowmer has expressed his disappointment at the recent calls

He continued: "There is a slight element of us feeling slightly let down.

"Some of our volunteers are working for the NHS and they are already exposed so we should not be in this position. It is putting an extra strain on crew and resources, everybody right now is concerned and nobody can be exonerated from the circumstances."

Sully Island, between Cardiff and Barry in the Vale of Glamorgan, is only accessible when tides are low.

The island is 400 yards from the mainland village of Sully.