Another 110 deaths from suspected coronavirus reported in Wales

A further 110 deaths from suspected coronavirus have been reported in Wales, bringing the total so far to 751.

Public Health Wales said that 26 new deaths believed to be from Covid-19 had been reported today.

But it explained that today's figure of 110 includes 84 retrospective deaths, which occurred between 20th March and 22nd April in the Betsi Cadwaladr health board area.

Public Health Wales said this is "due to a delay in the reporting process", adding that it is working closely with health boards to provide up-to-date information.

A spokesperson for Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board said there had been issues with its reporting system.

There have been 8,601 confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Wales to date.

More than 25,000 people have been tested for the virus here, of whom 17,297 tested negative.

Today's Public Health Wales figures at a glance:

  • 8,601 total confirmed Covid-19 cases (of which 243 were new reports today)

  • 26 new suspected Covid-19 deaths reported today

  • 84 suspected Covid-19 deaths reported retrospectively (total 110)

  • 751 total suspected Covid-19 deaths

  • 25,898 individuals tested so far

Today's figures came shortly after a press conference in which Wales' First Minister announced changes to strict stay-at-home regulations in Wales.

Mr Drakeford said the efforts people have made over the last five weeks have had a positive impact. Credit: PA

This afternoon, Mark Drakeford said he did not want to keep distancing measures in place "for any longer than they need to be", adding that he has made "some small changes" to the regulations following a review.

"Some areas have been strengthened and others have been eased. But the overarching stay-at-home rules remain in place", he said.

Mr Drakeford went on to say that there is a "long road still ahead of us towards recovery - a vaccine and effective treatment is needed.

"There is a fine balance to be struck – I do not want to lift [measures] too early and risk a new and potentially deadly peak of the virus returning."