Fast-track training begins in Swansea to get new and returning health care workers into hospitals 'quickly'

Fast-track training courses to get new and returning health care workers into hospitals quickly as demand rises due to Covid-19 have been taking place at Swansea's Liberty Stadium.

Newly-registered nurses, new health care support workers, and medical students are among those on the programs delivered by the health board.

Moving training out of the hospitals has helped free up clinical areas for patients.

Lynne Jones, head of nursing education, said it will ensure staff are prepared for the ''vital roles'' they will play.

These are unprecedented times and we have taken this remarkable measure to help us fulfill our need for new staff. We are grateful to the Liberty Stadium for allowing us to use their facilities and are focused on ensuring our staff are as prepared as possible for the vital roles they will play.

Lynne Jones, head of nursing education

Within days retired nurses and those returning to the profession through the Nursing and Midwifery Council's temporary COVID-19 register will also begin courses.

They are expected to receive two to three days of training.

Swansea City chairman said offering the stadium was the ''least he could do''.

Swansea City chairman, Trevor Birch, offering the stadium was the ''least he could do'' as he praised the work of the NHS and those who work on the frontline.

He said, "I think we all recognise the amazing work the NHS and the care workers are doing to keep us safe. They are undoubtedly the heroes during these difficult and concerning times for everyone. As a football club with our heart and mind firmly in the community, it is the least we can do to help.''