Welsh artist Nathan Wyburn paints portrait of fundraising hero Captain Tom Moore using his feet

A Welsh artist has celebrated NHS fundraising hero Captain Tom Moore by creating a portrait of him made up of footsteps.

Nathan Wyburn, from Ebbw Vale, is known for his unique methods of creating art and previously appeared on the ITV show Britain's Got Talent.

The 30-year-old said he was inspired to paint the portrait of Captain Tom as a thank-you for the veteran's incredible fundraising for NHS charities.

The former British Army officer, who turns 100 next week, has raised more than £28 million by walking 100 lengths of his garden and has become a national treasure.

Nathan recreated this photograph of Captain Tom Moore. Credit: Captain Tom Moore

It took Nathan just over three hours of non-stop walking to complete his portrait of Captain Tom, using black and grey paint on the soles of his trainers.

He told ITV News: "My work is usually reserved for stars of the stage and screen, but Tom really is a hero. Also, I thought it would be a great birthday present for his 100th birthday!

"My art is often based on a story, a stereotype or a pun. I thought simply walking a portrait of Tom would just be the perfect fit."

Watch the process from start to finish here:

Nathan said the painstaking process was a worthwhile challenge.

"Balancing was difficult - my legs did get a little tired from balancing on one foot for much of it, and focusing for so long," he said.

"I was very cautious because I really wanted to make a great piece of art."

He isn't sure whether Captain Tom has seen the portrait, but said: "I’d love to know his response to being painted in such a unique way.

"I’ve rolled up the finished piece, so it’s currently in my art studio. I may use it for an exhibition in the future, or see what comes my way."

Nathan recently made headlines with his photo collage paying tribute to NHS workers amidst the coronavirus outbreak.

The image of a nurse wearing a protective mask, along with the words 'thank you', is adorning the walls of hospitals and sites across Wales, which the artist says is a huge honour.

The 99-year-old has raised more than £28 million for NHS charities. Credit: PA

Yesterday it was announced that Captain Tom will tell the story of his part in World War II for a new ITV documentary to be shown on VE Day.

He fought in Burma and will share his memories of the conflict to draw attention to the “forgotten war”.

Captain Tom’s War will also feature Tom’s daughters, Lucy and Hannah, who reveal family photos from their trip back to Burma.

The 30-minute documentary airs on Friday 8th May at 8pm on ITV.