'Abusive' tourist who travelled 180 miles to climb Snowdon stopped by armed police treatment

A man who was abusive to hotel staff after they challenged him aboutclimbing Snowdon found himself being pulled over by armed police.

The man, who had travelled more than 180 miles to Pen y Pass inSnowdonia, is believed to have arrived in the area at around 6am thismorning.

He was caught returning to his car by a member of staff from the Pen yPass Hotel, where he had parked.

Police say that when a member of staff challenged the man, he becameabusive and "clearly thought the regulations did not apply to him".

Officers were called following the incident, and the man was caught byarmed police who reported him for breaching the Covid-19 legislation.

In March, visitors were urged to keep away from beaches and other holiday destinations in the UK to limit the spread of coronavirus after record-numbers descended upon some tourist spots.

Snowdonia saw huge numbers of tourists at weekends in March.

It comes as a group of tourists had today also travelled almost 250miles in convoy to North Wales to climb Snowdon.

Ten people, in two separate cars, were stopped by police on the A5 inBethesda, having driven from London.

They were also reported for breaching the Covid-19 legislation.

A statement shared on the North Wales Police Facebook page, said: "Also this morning a member of staff from the Pen y Pass Hotel,challenged a man who was seen returning to his car that was parked inthe hotel car park after he had walked up Snowdon.

"The man had travelled from Cumbria and had arrived there at around 6am today.

"He was abusive to the informant when challenged and clearly thoughtthe regulations did not apply to him.

"Police were called and he was stopped on the eastbound carriageway ofthe A55 by one of our armed response team who reported him forbreaching the legislation."

The statement added: "We despair - we really do... Please, please,please stay home.

"The coronavirus is affecting every part of the UK, nowhere is immune to it."Now is not the time to come to the national park for a walk.

"The beautiful mountains will still be here and we will gladly welcomeyou all back once this is all over."