Funeral of father-of-seven who died after contracting coronavirus limited to five people

A father-of-seven "liked by everyone" who died in Newport after contracting coronavirus was only allowed five people at his funeral.

Retired restaurant owner and Newport city councillor Mozadul Hussain died aged 63 after more than two weeks at the Royal Gwent Hospital.

His death came as funerals across the UK have been downsized in a bid to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

The former Liberal Democrat councillor had seven children, but only five people were allowed to attend his funeral, which was held the day after he died.

His son believes "thousands" would have been there under normal circumstances.

Mozadul Hussain meeting with former Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg. Credit: Newport Liberal Democrats

Kamal Hussain, one of three Hussain children who attended the funeral, described the day as "difficult".

He was joined by his cousin and Mr Hussain's brother-in-law, along with an imam from the mosque.

Kamal said his father had suffered from bad asthma.

He said: "He was having problems with his lungs and finding it hard to breathe.

"He was at home resting, he'd stopped working, and then he deteriorated and was taken to hospital on April 6.

"They tested him for coronavirus and he had it."

Mr Hussain was a well-known businessman, owning a number of restaurants including the Dilshad in Clarence Place.

He later turned his attention to his work as a councillor, and more recently had been working for Dragon Taxis in Newport.

He was the first elected Bangladeshi city councillor in Newport - it made him very proud. It's something I'm very proud of.

Kamal Hussain

His son Kamal Hussain said: "He was liked by everyone, he left a good impression with anyone he spoke to and was always sharing his knowledge to family and friends."

"He was a family orientated man, but he also had a lot of time for his community and he dedicated time to his charities.

"He came from a small village in Bangladesh - it was a tight-knit community where everyone looks after each other.

"When he came to Britain, he appreciated his life had changed and he was quite fortunate."

Mozadul Hussain came to the UK from a small village in Bangladesh. Credit: Kamal Hussain

Former colleagues and Liberal Democrat representatives have paid tribute to Mr Hussain.

A former Liberal Democrat councillor for the Victoria ward, Mike Hamilton, was a colleague of Mr Hussain.

He said: "We are all shocked at the sudden death of Mozadul from this terrible virus.

"He was elected in 2008 as a Liberal Democrat councillor for the Victoria ward. I remember how proud he was at the count.

"He seemed the most likely to be elected so I had written a sort of victory speech for him, only for both of us to be elected, so I gave the speech.

"He took his duties very seriously, and worked to improve the Victoria ward and empower the residents. Our thoughts are with his family at this terrible time."