Club chairman rehomes 73 sheep on rugby pitch as he returns to work as paramedic

Credit: WRU

A rugby club chairman has rented out the club's pitch as a new home for his flock of sheep whilst sports fixtures are on hold.

Paul Amphlett, 57, is chairman of Brecon RFC but is also a shepherd and a retired paramedic.

Paul moved his sheep to the ground at Parc de Pugh as a way to help the club generate some income and also save money. The shepherd pays the club rent for the field whilst his sheep keep the grass maintained by grazing on and fertilising it.

Paul has now returned to work for the Welsh Ambulance Service to help fight coronavirus on the frontline.

I didn’t want to let my training as a paramedic go to waste in these difficult times and the club needed to find a way to make and save some money during lockdown.

Paul Amphlett
Paul checks in on the sheep once a day whilst another volunteer comes twice more each day. Credit: WRU

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After 30 years of service, Paul Amphlett retired as a paramedic four years ago and has since then been tending to his flock in Brecon Beacons. But after the coronavirus outbreak, Paul wanted to put his life-saving skills to good use and so returned to work with the Welsh Ambulance Service.

I decided to go back full-time just to try and help out and keep the ball rolling in the NHS.

Paul Amphlett

Now his sheep are settling into their new home, he checks on them once a day and another club volunteer will check on them two more times each day.

Paul is also using his flock to raise money for the NHS through a sponsorship scheme. People are able to 'adopt' and name a flock member and all the money raised will be donated to the NHS.

He would like any sheep names suggested to be linked to the NHS. Sponsorships can be any amount about £30 per sheep.

One of the sheep has been bought by the drovers, who move the livestock, at Ludlow market, where Paul's son works as an auctioneer. Paul said: “One of the drovers lost his wife to coronavirus and so they’ve named the sheep in her memory.

"There are plenty of touching stories like that and many of the others are being named after local NHS heroes."

Paul and the club raised over £2,500 pounds through sponsorship within the first few days of the scheme.

Paul is also using his flock to raise money for the NHS through a sponsorship scheme. Credit: WRU