Fourteen more people with coronavirus die in Wales

Fourteen more people with coronavirus have died in Wales. Credit: PA

There have been another 14 deaths from suspected coronavirus in Wales, bringing the total here to 997.

Public Health Wales also said 195 new cases of the virus had been reported today.

There have been 10,524 confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Wales to date.

The actual number of cases is likely to be higher, as not everyone with symptoms has been tested for the virus.

Public Health Wales is working with the military to deploy a number of mobile testing units.

Three of these units were available last week, and a further five will become available this week.

Officials said once these units are deployed, their ongoing management will be handed over to the relevant health boards.

Mark Drakeford said the Welsh Government is focused on considering the lockdown restrictions. Credit: Welsh Government

Today the First Minister told a daily Covid-19 briefing that the consideration of lockdown restrictions will be the "primary focus" of the Welsh Government this week.

Mark Drakeford said he believed a "four nation approach" to easing lockdown would work best.

"Across the United Kingdom, we entered lockdown on the same day and on the same basic terms", he told the press conference.

"I believe that it would be best if we could begin to lift lockdown through a set of common measures, implemented to a common timetable".

Legislation requires the Welsh Government to have a formal review of lockdown measures every 21 days.

Mr Drakeford said it was essential that people in Wales "feel any changes we make are safe for them and their family."

He said it was also important not to throw away the “extraordinary sacrifices” people have made so far.