Welsh Government launches volunteer-run prescription delivery service for people self-isolating

The Welsh Government has announced a volunteer-run prescription delivery service to ensure those shielding or self-isolating can access their medicine.

The service is for people who do not have family, friends or neighbours who can collect prescriptions for them during the coronavirus outbreak.

Community volunteers around the UK have already been offering to deliver prescribed medicines and other essentials to those in need since the outbreak.

The scheme comes as pharmacies across the UK have been put under additional pressure during the pandemic.

Royal Mail employees will also be collecting and delivering prescriptions. Credit: PA Images

Workers from the pharmaceutical industry, optometry practices, Welsh Government will be delivering prescriptions.

Postmen and women for Royal Mail will also be collecting prescribed medicines for patients and delivering them the next day.

The Royal Mail delivery service will run Monday to Saturday. Pharmacies will be given access to the 'Click and Drop’ system, enabling them to track prescriptions in the delivery system.

More than 650 community pharmacies in Wales and 18 dispensing doctors have signed up to the scheme, with more than 400 volunteers recruited.

Each volunteers has been assigned a participating community pharmacy or dispensing doctor.

The health minister said Wales is advising other devolved administrations on "how they too can support their most vulnerable citizens".

Vaughan Gething said: "Community pharmacies are on the front line in our fight against Covid-19, working extremely hard to ensure people still receive their prescribed medicines.

"The scheme announced today will provide additional capacity for community pharmacies and dispensing doctors to ensure the health and wellbeing of those shielding continues to be supported."

Pharmacies have been put under additional pressure during the coronavirus pandemic. Credit: PA Images

A web-based delivery tracking system developed in Wales will be used to support the deliveries of prescriptions.

National Pharmacy Association board member for Wales Raj Aggarwal said: “We are delighted to have been able to work with the Welsh Government, to provide a solution that help brings volunteers into play and maintain patient safety.

"Pro Delivery Manager is a tried-and-tested product that brings value to any community pharmacy operation, and it’s great that some of the most vulnerable people in Wales will now benefit from it."

Pharmacists have voiced concerns over a lack of PPE and difficulties maintaining social distancing. Credit: PA Images

Small businesses and community volunteers have already been delivering medicine and food essentials to vulnerable residents.

A tuk tuk company in Pembrokeshire has repurposed the three wheelers to support the community by delivering shopping and prescriptions.

During the outbreak pharmacists have voiced concerns over a lack of PPE and difficulties maintaining social distancing.

Carers have also picked up additional tasks, making trips to the pharmacy to pick up medicine or prescriptions to bring back to the elderly.

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