Comedian Mike Doyle thanks 'NHS heroes' who helped save son's life after weeks in intensive care

Mike Doyle has thanked the NHS after they saved his son's life. Credit: Mike Doyle

Welsh comedian Mike Doyle has thanked the NHS who helped save his son's life after he contracted coronavirus.

Tommy Doyle, 31, spent four weeks in intensive care after he returned home from working on a cruise ship as a lighting engineer in March.

Mike said he came back to the UK and fell ill "quickly" and began struggling to breathe.

Mike Doyle with his son Tommy. Credit: Mike Doyle

Tommy was taken to hospital on 28 March, but just days later, his condition worsened and he was sent to the intensive care unit.

He placed under sedation for four weeks.

"It was a trying time for the whole family, we were obviously really concerned," Mike continued.

"The staff at the hospital were amazing. He was taken to the intensive care unit and put on to a ventilator so it was really scary.

"You always see things like this happen,and you never ever think that it is going to happen to you."

Mike began posting updates to Twitter after friends became concerned about Tommy's condition. Mike said what happened next "blew him away".

Thousands of messages of support for Tommy started flooding in on social media, including from actor Richard Mylan, and people from all over the world.

After nearly six weeks in hospital, Tommy has now returned home where he is "slowly regaining his strength".

"Going to pick him up that day was so emotional, we drove to the hospital and there he was sat there in a wheelchair waiting for us. It was really emotional for everyone," Mike said.

"Now he is home and he is one of the survivors and is getting stronger each and every day. We could not be more grateful."

Mike said he decided to stop watching the news while Tommy was in intensive care, and says he is full of thanks for the staff that saved his life.

"This is a message of thanks," Mike continued.

"He is at home with us now and he couldn't believe the care he received and the wishes that he was sent by everyone. He is more than happy to post a message of thanks to those that helped save his life.

"He hopes it gives people hope. Let these wonderful medical people do their thing because they have given me my son back."

Mike revealed he is hoping to do something to help raise money for the NHS over the coming months as a thank you.

"How do you say thank you? There are just no words we are just so overwhelmed," he ended.

Mike is well known for his stand-up comedy shows and his regular pantomime appearances.

Tommy's 31st birthday passed when he was in hospital but Mike said that when the lockdown is lifted, the family intend on celebrating "properly" with a big party.

When speaking to Jonathan Hill on Wales at Six, Mike had a letter from his son Tommy that he wanted to read.

You can watch Mike Doyle's interview with Jonathan Hill on Wales at Six here.

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