NHS chief executive urges public to adhere to lockdown over bank holiday weekend

The chief executive of the NHS in Wales has urged the public to adhere to the lockdown restrictions over bank holiday weekend "to protect the NHS."

Dr Andrew Goodall, NHS Wales' chief executive, held Thursday's press briefing on behalf of the Welsh Government and said any measures will remain in place and the public are asked for their support.

It comes as Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has said the lockdown in Scotland should be extended, but people may be allowed out more than once a day to exercise.

Dr Goodall said, "We are monitoring health care measures, hospital transmission rates, that’s had the most significant impact of us managing the peak. The lockdown measures remain in place this time. We continue to measure community transmission rates. At this stage for the weekend we need to ask the public for their support."

Dr Goodall also confirmed around 2800 people with coronavirus have beeb discharged from hospital.

"Staff have gone above and beyond to care for the population", he added.

Watch the briefing in full here:

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