Superfit 80-year-old gran boosting morale and keeping neighbours fit during lockdown - with tins of beans

A retired PE teacher is lifting her neighbour's spirits and keepingthem fit by holding morning exercise classes in her street.

Armed with tins of beans as weights, 80-year-old Pam Evans decided tohelp boost wellbeing when the coronavirus lockdown was enforced sixweeks ago.

Every week day since, the elderly residents of Bryn Rhydd in Ruthinhave stepped outside their homes at 10am to take part in the routine.

Pam, who taught PE at the then called St Brigid's Convent School inDenbigh and Ysgol Brynhyfryd in Ruthin and has lived in the streetsince 1964.

She told North Wales Live: "It all started when a neighbour suggestedwe do something to maintain wellbeing when the lockdown restrictionswere imposed.

"We asked people in the street if they'd be interested and on thefirst morning, we all came out of our homes and stood there justlooking at each other.

"That's when I decided to step forward.

"I worked as a PE teacher before I retired and have always kept active.

"We've been doing this every weekday morning since apart from one daywhen it was raining, but we've been really lucky with the weather."

Pam said she stands on a little green island in the middle of the roadwhere everyone can see her and copy her moves.

The grandmother explained: "People come out with their tins of beansor whatever they want to use as weights.

"We spend around 30 minutes doing stretches and exercises to keep fitand it's also nice to be able to see other people and say hello andget to know each other.

"There's around 15 of us and everyone really seems to enjoy it becausefor some, it's the only interaction they get to have.

"It's quite good fun and is good for morale and wellbeing."I will continue to do this until lockdown ends."

Pam said it's mainly ladies who take part and even though her husbandof 58 years is also a retired PE teacher, she said he's much morecomfortable with a rugby ball.

The pair, who celebrated their wedding anniversary with "champagne andnice food" recently said they are keeping in touch with their twochildren and two grandchildren via Facetime and Zoom.

But for her neighbours unable to do that, the exercise classes havebecome some social interaction they can look forward to.