'Stay Home' remains the lockdown message in Wales

The Welsh Government says its lockdown message to 'stay at home, save lives' won't change regardless of what is announced by the Prime Minister later today.

Boris Johnson will set out changes to the lockdown restrictions in England and explain some future steps which could also affect Wales. Here, the Welsh Government announced on Friday that the lockdown will continue for another three weeks with only very minor changes.

It has been widely reported that the UK Government will change its much-used slogan 'Stay Home, Protect the NHS, Save Lives' to 'Stay Alert, Control the Virus, Save Lives.'

The First Minister said he expected the Prime Minister to set out a "roadmap" for the easing of lockdown restrictions in his speech on Sunday evening.

However the Welsh Government has emphasised that that new message is for England only and isn't UK-wide. The message, it says, remains the same here in Wales.

That was echoed by the First Minister when he spoke to Sky News.

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The Health Minister, Vaughan Gething, tweeted that 'there has not been a 4 nations agreement or discussion on this.'

Scotland too, won't use the new slogan. Nicola Sturgeon said she'd had no notice about any change in message.

In the face of criticism of the message from England from the devolved governments as well as from some within the UK Government, a Number 10 spokesperson has spelled out what the slogan means:

Mark Drakeford also admitted that he doesn't know what the Prime Minister will announce in his TV address later, but said that he expected similarly cautious moves to those the First Minister introduced on Friday and which come into force from Monday.

"What I want is a regular and reliable pattern of engagement with the UK Government - not happening in fits and starts", the First Minister told ITV Cymru Wales on Sunday, indicating the communication between the UK and Welsh Governments has not been everything he hoped it would be.

"Where we have it, it is good and useful, but I want to have a reliable pattern of engagement because the more we talk to one another, the more we share information, the more we share perspectives, the better the chances are that we can agree on common ways to move forward".

There is a lot of activity before Boris Johnson makes his statement. The UK Cabinet is holding a special meeting this morning followed by a meeting of Cobra this afternoon in which the First Minister and Health Minister will also be involved.

The Prime Minister will also speak to opposition party leaders at Westminster including Plaid Cymru.

He'll set out changes to the lockdown in England in a TV statement at 7pm.

When you watch what he says, remember that most of what he announces will relate to the lockdown in England only.

Many of those moves will either have been announced for Wales already or will be quite similar to the changes which come into force here on Monday.

Even if they don't affect us some, such as the expected advice on wearing face coverings in certain situations, could well be adopted here in the near future.

Also as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom some of what he has to say, such as planned quarantine rules for airports, will be UK-wide.

It'll make the 7pm statement one of the most important, and potentially confusing announcements in this coronavirus crisis. I'll explain differences as quickly and as clearly as I can both on this website and on my twitter feed @adrianmasters84.

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