‘In Wales, Welsh law applies': First Minister criticises lack of clarity in prime minister’s speech

Credit: Welsh Government/PA

The First Minister is holding a press conference following changes to lockdown restrictions in England.

Mark Drakeford said the Welsh Government's lockdown message to 'stay home, save lives' has not changed.

It comes following confusion over the Prime Minister's announcement about changes on lockdown restrictions in England.

From Wednesday, people in England will be allowed "unlimited" outdoor exercise and anyone who cannot work from home will be “actively encouraged” to return to their workplaces.

The Prime Minister announced changes to restrictions in England on Sunday. Credit: PA

On Monday, the Police and Crime Commissioner for North Wales said the "utter confusion" over lockdown easing is a "total shambles".

In the daily press briefing on Monday, the First Minister said the four police chief constables in Wales raised concerns about traffic flow into Wales as a result of the Prime Minister’s announcement that travel to exercise will be allowed in England.

Welsh law applies in Wales:

Mark Drakeford reiterated that ''Welsh law applies'' in Wales despite changes made by the Prime Minister.

He said people coming into Wales to exercise will be breaking the law, and whatever means possible will be used to convey the message.

However, he did confirm that two people, from two separate households can meet provided they observe social distancing, but if there are more than two people, it would not be permitted.

The 'roadmap' to exiting lockdown

The First Minister said he would provide further details on laying out a ''roadmap'' for lifting lockdown in Wales.

He said it would be difficult to say whether Wales would follow a similar approach to England, but would make decisions when it is ''right'' and ''safe'' to do so.

''Our restrictions are there because we don’t want the virus to travel, the further people go the further the virus can go,'' he said.

Mr Drakeford added that he had sympathy for those who have relatives over the border, but the sacrifices being made were for a ''good reason''.

Watch the press conference in full below: