The three-year-old boy who delivers food to front line workers in his toy truck

Three-year-old Theo Jenkins has been delivering food to front line workers in his toy truck because "he wanted to make people smile."

Theo, who lives in Llanelli, told his parents he wanted to make people who have been helping other smile.

With the help of his parents Fran, 29, and Leam Jenkins, 32, Theo hasbeen delivering food to front line workers in his very own 'HomeBargains' van.

"We got the idea because he said that he wanted to make people smileand we said 'well how do we make people happy' and he answered 'givethem things,'" said Fran.

The little boy, who loves the emergency services and lorries, wasgiven the toy lorry as a Christmas present and put a 'Home Bargains'logo on the van because he wants to work for the store when he isolder like his dad Leam who works at the branch in Vaughan Street,Llanelli.

"He loves the police and lorries and his dad is an essential worker sohe understands that they have got to go to work and wanted to helpthem," adds his mum.

Among those thrilled to see Theo in his lorry were the residents at The Haven care home in Llanelli

Theo, a pupil at Ysgol Pen Rhos, and his parents stocked the toy car,equipped with his own personalised number plate, full of treats anddrove to the local care home where he dropped food off to the carers.

"The reaction was amazing, the staff and residents at the care homewere so happy to see him and it was lovely to put a smile on theirfaces."

Also on his delivery route was the ambulance station in Coedcae,Llanelli, where Theo dropped food to paramedics and staff working atthe station.

"We're really proud of him, obviously he is only three so doesn't knowmuch about what is going on but he understands that there's a 'baddie'going on at the moment that won't let him see his friends," says Fran,speaking about the current pandemic.

"He knows he's not allowed to go to school because the man on the TVsays that he can't so we're doing our best to keep him entertained.

"We're just so proud that he cheered people up, they really deserve it."