CCTV captures wallaby hopping down a Welsh street in the middle of the night

CCTV has captured a wallaby hopping through a quiet residential street in the middle of the night.

The footage shows the marsupial jumping across Woodlands Park Drive in Cadoxton, Neath at 12:35am on Wednesday morning.

Duncan Lewis, a retired professor, told ITV News he was woken up in the middle of the night by the sound of a door slamming outside his house and saw a police van driving off.

Concerned, he checked his CCTV in the morning and was surprised by what he saw.

"Well it's not everyday you see a wallaby in Wales is it? I thought, it's a bit chilly to be out as a marsupial in Wales."

The footage appears to show a police officer wearing a high visibility jacket, and holding a torch, in pursuit of the wallaby.

South Wales Police confirmed officers did indeed capture a wallaby in Cadoxton on the night in question and returned it to the rightful owner.

Credit: Duncan Lewis

RSPCA Cymru say the animals are sometimes kept as pets and, although they are not native to Wales, they are able to survive in the wild here.

Stock image of a red-necked wallaby Credit: PA

"This is certainly unusual footage which seems to show a wallaby hopping down the road.

"There are some established populations of wallabies in the wild in the UK - but none are understood to exist in Wales", a spokesperson for the animal charity said.