One million face masks a day to be made in new Cardiff factory

There are plans to produce up to a million fluid resistant face masks per day for health, social care and other key workers at a new factory in Cardiff.

Manufacturing company Hardshell has bought the machinery required to make the face masks and hope to provide the PPE for key workers in Wales and the rest of the UK.

They say they are "passionate about saving lives."

Our key focus is the development of protective coating technologies with industrial and life-saving applications.

Anil Kant, Hardshell chief executive

The Welsh Government assisted the company in transporting the specialist machinery to Wales.

Businesses are going to enormous efforts to help us beat coronavirus and ensure we have a long-term supply of vital PPE items to protect Welsh frontline healthcare staff, key workers and many more across the UK.

Lee Waters MS, Deputy Minister for Economy and Transport

A shipment including around 600,000 fluid resistant gowns and 1.2 million surgical masks was flown into Cardiff Airport from China on Wednesday.

This was after half a million fluid-resistant gowns arrived on a chartered flight at the beginning of May.