Bill McAllister-Lovatt and his wife Sarasue, from Powys, have been unable to see their daughter and grandchildren for four months.

Like many others across the country, the couple have had to self-isolate.

Although they have not been tested, both believe they have had coronavirus.

Bill, 65, said he and Sarasue, 60, suffered from a high temperature, lost their senses of taste and smell, and even had trouble hearing properly.

It felt like it was invading my whole body and there was a lack of oxygen getting to my lungs.

Bill McAllister-Lovatt

Bill said: "It wasn't like flu at all. We have no underlying health conditions but some days we had to spend in bed all day. I slept for around 20 hours at a time."

"My sense of time and place completely went out of the window."

He said the "debilitating" symptoms went on for at least 10 days.

The couple rang 111 and they were told to stay at home and self isolate, which they did for 20 days.

Bill said the neighbours were fantastic and got food for them as they were unable to go to the supermarket.

Bill and his wife Sarasue both had Covid-19 symptoms. Credit: Family photo

Bill said one of the most difficult things about the pandemic has been that he cannot see his daughter, Emma, and his grandchildren, who live in Bath.

He said: "We’re social animals and I want to go to meet someone but I understand why the rules are in place.

"I haven’t seen my daughter and her children for four months.

"I speak to them every week online or on the phone but it’s not the same."

It hurts not seeing them.

Bill McAllister-Lovatt

In England, people are now allowed to see a member of their family or a friend who they do not live with, outside from a social distance but this is not the case in Wales.

Additionally, people in England are allowed to drive to different areas to exercise whereas people in Wales must stay local.

The message in Wales remains: 'Stay Home, Save Lives, Protect the NHS'.

Bill's daughter Emma is a nurse, working at the Royal United Hospital in Bath, where she was born.

I’m unbelievably proud of her, she’s out there saving lives. That’s what the NHS do, they’ve saved my life more than once.

Bill McAllister-Lovatt
Bill said he misses his daughter, Emma, who is a nurse in Bath. Credit: Family photo

Despite missing his family, Bill said he has managed to reconnect with some old friends over 'virtual coffees'.

He said: "The conversations have been marvellous. It’s about kindness and compassion and asking people how they are."

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