People living in a village in Pembrokeshire are getting their food delivered during lockdown by a llama.

Max the llama has been roaming the hills packed with food to deliver to people's doorsteps.

The woolly animal is used to taking hikers on treks with him in Llandissilio, Pembrokeshire, but has since been keeping busy by delivering food parcels and essentials to the locals.

Locals say having Max to deliver their food parcels has been a big help. Credit: Pembrokeshire Llamas

Some roads in the valley can be difficult to reach by vehicle, so llama delivery makes an excellent eco-friendly alternative. The feedback from residents has been extremely positive. Everyone says it's a huge improvement on traditional food shopping. It's great exercise, great fun and useful to residents. This is a great way to keep him trained and his mind stimulated whilst the lockdown continues.

Matt Yorke, Pembrokeshire Llamas