A herd of cows were caught on camera racing through the empty streets of a quiet village near Gower as lockdown continues across the country.

After dozens of goats took over the roads in Llandudno and sheep queued patiently in a McDonald's car park in Ebbw Vale, these cows decided to take advantage of the quiet streets of Southgate.

The video shows a number of cows heading down the residential roads. Credit: Noah Williams

The unusual site was caught on camera by 12-year-old Noah Williamson,who was out with his brother at the time.

The pair were forced into a nearby driveway as the cows came galloping down the road.

Their mum Stephanie said she was pleased that nobody was injured.

Noah was with his older brother Sam and I’m just glad they had the sense to stay out of the way in someone’s drive to avoid the stampede.

Stephanie Williamson

One of the cows, the last one to appear in the video, appears to have a chair stuck on its head.

A family member of the owner of the cows, Angharad Williams, confirmed that it was not injured during the ordeal and the cows made their way home safely afterwards.

One of the cows could even be seen with a chair on its head. Credit: Noah Williams

The cow was fine. He pulled it [the chair] off himself on the way down to Pwll Du beach.

Angharad Williams

"The cows roam, and we got the call from someone down SandyLane that there was a cow with a chair on its head," she continued.

“My uncle who owns the cows was out on a job somewhere, so I went overto have a look down Sandy Lane, but had calls from people that theyhad stampeded their way back through Southgate and towards the fields.

"It is alright, they know their way home."