'They never give up': Hospital porter survives coronavirus after organ failure and thanks colleagues who saved his life

Credit: Family photo

A hospital porter said he wants to thank hospital staff for saving his life after being treated for coronavirus in intensive care at the hospital where he works.

David Morgan-Jones works at Glan Clwyd Hospital in north Wales and suddenly fell ill with Covid-19 in late April.

Mr Jones ended up in intensive care with organ failure and he said doctors even called his partner in the early hours of one morning to let her know that things were not looking good.

However, David managed to pull through and is now recovering at home.

David was working as a porter at Glan Clwyd Hospital and a community hospital when he contracted the virus. As soon as he started to feel unwell, David had his temperature checked and was told he needed to be tested for coronavirus.

Two days later, the results of that test came back positive. His condition got progressively worse and his partner, Angela Radford, had to call for an ambulance on Sunday 26 April.

David said by this stage he was feeling so unwell, he cannot remember making the journey to A&E. He was admitted to hospital that day and was later taken to intensive care.

Whilst there, he continued to deteriorate and he was put on a ventilator for five days.

Angela said she thought she was "never going to see [David] again."

However, David somehow managed to pull through and left ICU to applause from staff after a 12-day stay there.

David's daughter previously worked as an ICU nurse at Glan Clwyd Hospital so she knew her father was in good hands there.

David spent 12 days in intensive care, 15 in hospital in total before he was discharged. Credit: David Jones

David is now home with Angela and recovering. He still finds it difficult to walk and sleep but said he is getting better every day.

David Jones lives in Old Colwyn and has been a hospital porter for four years. Credit: Family photo