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NHS Wales boss says advice remains to stay at home this bank holiday weekend

Dr Andrew Goodall

The chief executive of NHS Wales has reiterated the advice for people in Wales to stay at home as he told a daily briefing critical care continued to be under pressure across the country.

Dr Andrew Goodall said in some cases, coronavirus patients have been on a ventilator for up to three weeks as well as receiving support for their cardiovascular system and kidneys.

Although the virus can be fatal, Dr Goodall said: "We are seeing lots of people leaving critical care units and hospitals after many, many weeks of receiving the most intensive care the NHS can offer."

He said that those who have spent more than a few days in critical care will require significant ongoing support and access to rehabilitation will be essential.

critical care beds are currently occupied in Wales.

Dr Goodall said less than 10% of people admitted to hospital with coronavirus are admitted to critical care.

The majority of people in intensive care with coronavirus are men.

Around 60% of critical care beds are empty and available for use if needed.

The average age of someone being treated in critical care.

Over the bank holiday weekend, the advice remains to stay at home and exercise locally.

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