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'Fewer people turning up' at hospitals with serious conditions during coronavirus outbreak

"Fewer people have been turning up" at emergency hospital units with serious medical conditions during the coronavirus, according to a consultant cardiologist at Morriston Hospital.

Dr James Barry says people have been delaying coming into the hospital with cardiac problems such as chest pains because of the outbreak.

There are also fears people are avoiding pharmacies, and could be putting their lives at risk as a result.

[In the early stages of] the Covid lockdown period, we had fewer people turning up at emergency with chest pains than we would normally expect and we were seeing people who were delaying coming because of chest pain being more unwell than they normally would be because of that.

However, I'm pleased to say that as things have progressed, we're beginning to see a return to our normal emergency work and people beginning to seek help as and when we would expect them to.

However, I would always like to reassure everyone that at this stage if you do have chest pain, we're open for business and we're keen to see you and it's not something you can put off.

– Dr James Barry, Consultant Cardiologist at Morriston Hospital

If anyone is experiencing chest pains or difficulty breathing, the advice is to call 999 and not to put off being seen by medical experts.

If you've got pain at rest and you're worried, we're much happier to see you in hospital and reassure you if we possibly can, and if we can't, we'll treat you and get you well again.

– Dr James Barry, Consultant Cardiologist at Morriston Hospital

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