'I've lost out on thousands of pounds' Swansea musician shares how the pandemic has changed her life

Credit: Ify Iwobi

An award-winning musician and composer from Swansea said she has lost her main source of income because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Before the lockdown, Ify Iwobi performed at venues including the Wales Millennium Centre and the Houses of Parliament. She has also toured internationally, with concerts in Ohio, Texas and Nigeria.

Last week, Ify was meant to be starring in a show at the Grand Theatre in Swansea but it had to be postponed because of Covid-19.

She said: "It's difficult for musicians because many of our gigs are face-to-face with crowds. Because of Covid and being stuck indoors, it's moved to more virtual performances. There are no payments at all, it's more voluntary."

I've lost out on thousands of pounds.

Ify Iwobi

Music is Ify's main source of income. As well as performing in concerts, she teaches piano.

Ify said: "I've done some teaching via Skype and WhatsApp video calls but some pupils have been unable to learn in these ways. Some have no equipment so they can't access their lessons now."

"I also was meant to be doing my album tour around Wales and India. So many things have just been cancelled now. Now I'll just have to do more virtual teaching and concerts but I don't know how sustainable that is. I will also have to apply for funding."

Credit: Ify Iwobi

During the lockdown, Ify has shared a virtual performance of her song 'Solace', which she said is about finding peace by being yourself.

Be yourself, you only have one life so live it to the full.

Ify Iwobi

Ify understands the seriousness of the pandemic. She has lost loved ones to Covid-19.

She recently dedicated another song 'See The Light' to two family friends who died from coronavirus.

She said healthcare support worker Donna Campbell was "loving, bubbly, friendly - and just full of life" and mental health nursing lecturer Brian Mfula was "kind and compassionate."

Ify paid tribute to her friends Donna Campbell and Brian Mfula who died from Covid-19.

Ify said her song 'See The Light' is about living in the here and now and enjoying life.

She said: "The song was originally written as an anthem for schoolchildren who may be going through tough times but it also applies to the pandemic we are facing.

"These are difficult times where Coronavirus is rife in our community, but if we stay safe, look out for one another and follow guidelines, the light will come at the end of the tunnel."

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