People 'paying out £100' for haircuts in homes and back gardens during lockdown

An MP has expressed concern that people are stumping up large sums of money for haircuts in people's homes and back gardens during lockdown.

Swansea East MP Carolyn Harris said some people have paid up to £100 for a trim after salons and barbers were forced to close during the Covid-19 crisis.

She said: “I was speaking to a hairdresser, who has been unable to work, and she was telling me that people have been paying out £100 in Swansea for a haircut - and some are doing treatments.

“Somewhere in the South Wales Police area someone has set up a barbers in their back garden and they were arrested.

“The fine is £380 if they get caught.

“There are some people who are prepared to go into old people’s homes to give treatments.

“There’s lots of it going on.”

The MP added: “You can be a hairdresser but do not have a professional qualification and you can give someone injectables.

“A lot of these people who are working now have not done the right training.

“There are some who can’t afford not to work and others don’t want to lose their customers.”

South Wales Police has reiterated the importance of adhering to the lockdown Credit: PA

South Wales Police has urged people to adhere to the rules of the lockdown.

Assistant Chief Constable Andy Valentine said: “The message to our communities remains consistent.

“The vast majority of people have followed the guidance to stay home, protect the NHS and save lives, and I echo the plea of colleagues in Welsh Government and the health service for everyone to continue doing so.

“I want to make it clear that it is Welsh Government legislation that is applicable here and our local communities should be adhering to the rules outlined by them.

“Likewise, anyone who travels into Wales will also be subject to Welsh legislation. Travelling into Wales for exercise or without a reasonable excuse is not permitted, and I appeal for the support of people living in England.

“By respecting the restrictions that are in place in Wales, they will help keep communities in both nations safe from coronavirus.”

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