Wales given extra £23m to tackle coronavirus pandemic

This latest funding will be added to the Welsh Governments Covid19 Response Reserve

The Welsh Government will receive an extra £23m from the UK Government to help deliver urgent priorities across public services in Wales and support the response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

It takes the total amount of UK Government funding provided to support the effort in Wales to more than £2.2 billion.

This latest funding is a result of recently-announced UK Government funding commitments to the test and trace service and housing for rough-sleepers in England.

The latest funding is a result of recently-announced UK Government funding commitments to the Test and Trace Service. Credit: PA Images

Welsh Secretary Simon Hart said the additional funding highlights the Governments determination to move forward 'together' in the fight against coronavirus.

He said: "The UK Government is committed to doing whatever it takes to defeat coronavirus.

“We are supporting the Welsh Government to meet the exceptional challenges it currently faces, providing £23 million more in additional funding.

“Along with the recent roll-out of antibody tests for front-line workers across the UK, the additional funding for Wales highlights our determination to move forward together in the fight against coronavirus.”

Speaking to ITV Wales on Sunday, the Finance Minister explained where the money had come from to tackle the pandemic so far.

Rebecca Evans MS said: "We've set up a Covid-19 response reserve of over £2.7 billion, which is made up of £2.1 billion pounds of funding, which has come to the Welsh Government as a result of actions which were taken across the border in England by the UK Government.

"We have also looked to repurpose and reprioritise around half a billion pounds of Welsh Government funding to add to that reserve to help us tackle the Covid-19 crisis, both in terms of the impact it's having on the health service but also on business and society more generally."

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